1920 Silent Film “Daughter of Dawn”

During the process of discovery, acquisition, and restoration of Daughter of Dawn, the Oklahoma Historical Society realized it owned one of the tipis from the film.

Daughter of Dawn, a 1920 silent film with an all-Native (Kiowa and Comanche) cast, will be released for home video by Milestone Films in the fall of […]

Navajo Film Showcase in NYC this Week

The trailer for Drunktown’s Finest, the opening night film at this week’s Diné Spotlight: A Showcase of Navajo Film, looks really good! The showcase is hosted by the National Museum of the American Indian in collaboration with the NYU’s Center for Media, Culture and History, and all films will be shown at the NMAI […]

MAY SUMAK: Quichwa Film Showcase in NYC

May Sumak / Quichwa Film Showcase: Indigenous Media from the Andes and Beyond is coming to New York City this week (March 26-28, 2015). It’s really great to see that the screenings and discussions will be hosted not only in three boroughs (Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens), but also by several institutions: the […]

Sikumi coming to NYC tomorrow

The Inuit thriller Sikumi/On the Ice has made a splash at Sundance and is coming to New York City tomorrow, and other venues soon after. Read more it and check out the interview with director Andrew Okpeaha Maclean.


Imprint Trailer

I just watched Imprint, a 2007 thriller directed by Chris Eyre that is set on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. It tells the story of Shayla Stonefeather, a Lakota prosecutor, who, along with her white partner and boyfriend, takes a case against a Lakota teenager who is found guilty of murder. […]

“The Only Good Indian”


Trailer for The Only Good Indian

This feature film, like Older than America, revolves around the theme of Indian boarding schools but provides some more nuance since it is played from the perspective of three characters, two of which have troubled pasts. Although the film dragged a little bit at certain parts […]

AAIA 6th Annual Short Film Showcase

A trailer for the documentary “LaDonna Harris: Indian 101” produced by Julianna Brannum

Last night, I caught the Association on American Indian Affairs Film Showcase at NYU’S Cantor Center where Firelight Media co-founder and CCNY alumnus, Stanley Nelson was honored. He directed Wounded Knee, episode 5 of  the PBS  We Shall Remain series, […]

Older than America

Older Than America trailer

Older Than America is the story of a young teacher who is haunted by dreams and visions about the abuses that went on in Indian boarding schools. Prior to watching it, I had only read about the schools’ assimilationist policies which required Native American children to abandon native dress […]

2010 “Emerging Artist” Nominee: Georgina Lightning

I just read that Georgina Lightning has been nominated for a 2010 EPIC Award in the “Emerging Artists” category by the White House Project. I actually haven’t checked out her award-winning film, “Older than America” because I was watching “Club Native” at the NMAI Film Festival opening night. But, I did get a chance […]

Remastering of 1914 film “In the Land of the Head Hunters”

I just went through the fall 2009 American Indian Library Association (AILA) Newsletter and, on page 9, saw mention of a project to remaster Edward Curtis’s 1914 film “In the Land of the Head Hunters,” which preceded “Nanook of the North” as the first feature-length film to star all Native North Americans. Rutgers University […]