Older than America

Older Than America trailer

Older Than America is the story of a young teacher who is haunted by dreams and visions about the abuses that went on in Indian boarding schools. Prior to watching it, I had only read about the schools’ assimilationist policies which required Native American children to abandon native dress […]

The Devil’s Miner

The award-winning documentary The Devil’s Miner takes us into the life of the Vargas family of Potosí, Bolivia. Since his father passed away, the eldest son, Basilio, who is only fourteen years old, is the family breadwinner. Basilio works in the mines along with his younger brother Bernardino while his sister stays home with […]

Mamachas of the Ring

I caught Mamachas of the Ring / Mamachas del Ring which screened last Friday, November 13 as part of the line up of one of my favorites, the (2009) Margaret Mead Film Festival. It tells the story of several Aymara female wrestlers in Bolivia, focusing on the story of the Campeona, Carmen Rosa. After […]

Sueños binacionales / Bi-National Dreams

Español abajo.

Sueños binacionales / Bi-national Dreams, directed by Yolanda Cruz, deals with the experience of two Mexican indigenous groups in the United States. The first part of the documentary focuses on the Mixtec.  One of the largest indigenous groups in Mexico, the Mixtec and have been traveling to the Fresno area for over […]

Barking Water, Silly Me

I went to the NMAI Heye Center on July 9, 2009 for the screening of Barking Water, a film by Sterlin Harjo, whose NMAI Film + Video Festival panel discussion I attended back in March. Harjo was on hand for questions after the screening.

Barking Water is the story of old flames, Irene and […]