Huichol: El Viaje Místico

A Facebook friend posted this animation called Huichol: El Viaje Místico made by  Francisco Ortuña Silva on her page. It has some cool graphics and nice, upbeat music (which actually reminded me more of the music in the Scissor Dance in Peru) so I thought I’d share.

The Huichol are a Mexican ethnic group who identify as the Wixaritari or Wizarika amongst themselves (which made me wonder if the creator is non- native or just chose to use the term Huichol since it’s the more broadly recognized term). The animation is about a man’s colorful vision after taking what appears to be peyote. Included in this vision are various natural elements and animals, including a man who looks like a deer, which is closely associated with peyote and a sacred animal for the Wixaritari. It reminded me of an ayahuasca ceremony in Ecuador.

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