Reel Injun: New Doc on Portrayals of Indians

I just read an article — Monk, Katherine. “Doc Sees Humour in Sadness.” Leader-Post, Canwest News Service. February 17, 2010. — on Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond’s take on Avatar. That’s how I found out about his new documentary, “Reel Injun,” which focuses on the portrayal of natives on film. It looks like it’s only […]

2009 Native American Film + Video Festival Panel 2

At the 2009 festival, I was also able to attend the second panel called “Creating the Alternative: a Conversation with Four Directors.” I enjoyed this panel so much because the directors came through as very accessible and down-to-earth.

Moderator Jason Silverman asked the panelists why they make films and Georgina Lightning’s response pulled me […]

2009 Native American Film + Video Festival

I attended the Native Networks Symposium held on Friday, March 24 at the 2009 Native American Film + Video Festival. Since this blog was born several months later, I am only just now posting my thoughts. I’ll put this out in three installments, one for each panel I attended and one for the film […]