Âs Nutayuneân / We Still Live Here

Âs Nutayuneân / We Still live Here trailer, with beautiful animation.

A month ago, I attended the NYC NMAI’s “At the Movies – in the Language” screenings on Native languages.

The first short, called The Amendment, set up the significance of language loss by highlighting the 1895 Annual Report of the Department of Indian […]

Spotlight on Indian Boarding Schools

For those of you in Vancouver, Washington State University in Vancouver is hosting the 2012 Native American Film Series April 4-6, with guest speakers and a special focus on Indian boarding schools. While I’ve written about Older Than America and The Only Good Indian,  Our Spirits Don’t Speak English: Indian Boarding School is […]

“The Only Good Indian”


Trailer for The Only Good Indian

This feature film, like Older than America, revolves around the theme of Indian boarding schools but provides some more nuance since it is played from the perspective of three characters, two of which have troubled pasts. Although the film dragged a little bit at certain parts […]

Older than America

Older Than America trailer

Older Than America is the story of a young teacher who is haunted by dreams and visions about the abuses that went on in Indian boarding schools. Prior to watching it, I had only read about the schools’ assimilationist policies which required Native American children to abandon native dress […]

2010 “Emerging Artist” Nominee: Georgina Lightning

I just read that Georgina Lightning has been nominated for a 2010 EPIC Award in the “Emerging Artists” category by the White House Project. I actually haven’t checked out her award-winning film, “Older than America” because I was watching “Club Native” at the NMAI Film Festival opening night. But, I did get a chance […]