MAY SUMAK: Quichwa Film Showcase in NYC

May Sumak / Quichwa Film Showcase: Indigenous Media from the Andes and Beyond is coming to New York City this week (March 26-28, 2015). It’s really great to see that the screenings and discussions will be hosted not only in three boroughs (Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens), but also by several institutions: the […]

Warriors of the Sun

Warriors of the Sun is one of the more unique documentaries I’ve seen, not for its subject matter, which is the Totonac ritual of flying dancers, or voladores – men who climb an extremely high pole and propel themselves around it with ropes as an offering to God and a “service to the community.” […]

Tejiendo Sabiduria / We Women Warriors


Last Friday, I saw the premiere of We Women Warriors / Tejiendo Sabiduria at the IFC Center in the Village (NYC). This documentary, by Nicole Karsin, who was on hand for Q&A after the screening, followed three Colombian indigenous activists: Doris (Awá(, Ludis (Kankuamo), and Flor Ilva (Nasa). Their communities are caught […]

Reseña de Huichol Journeys

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Este pasado jueves, asisti la proyección de “Huichol Journeys” en el Museo Nacional del Indígena Americano en la ciudad de Nueva York (NMAI NYC) donde Amalia Córdova, la gerente de programación del Programa Latinoameriacno del Centro de Cine y Video del NMAI, presentó las tres películas sobre el pueblo mexicano […]

Huichol Journeys at NMAI NYC 3/29 & 3/31

Tomorrow and Saturday, the National Museum of the American Indian in New York City will host a film screening called Huichol Journeys, which will include two documentaries and an animation about the Huichol, or Wixaritari of Mexico. Thursday’s screenings will be followed by a discussion with Carlos Gutiérrez of CinemaTropical and Jennifer Weston of […]

February & March 2012 Film Festivals

Just a quick note to let you know about two film festivals you may want to check out. The first ever PBS Online Film Festival will include a few films produced by the Native American Publication Telecommunication (NAPT), including I Survived, The Migration, and Horse You See. And, for those of you near Palm […]

Theeere she is!

Whenever she sees me, a co-worker of mine greets me with a great big smile and a “Theeere she is!” She’s disarmed many a fellow co-worker with these words because it’s becoming part of our vocabularies. Exhibit A: The other day I heard another co-worker pass by her and beat her to it. So […]

La Taxista

Introduction to Ecuadorian soap opera La taxista.

Thanks to a recent tweet by Sacha Rosero of, I read an article about a new Ecuadorian soap opera called La taxista.1 The soap opera’s protagonist, Rosita Tituaña, is supposed to depict an Indian from Imbabura province who has migrated to the coastal city of […]

The Plymouth Rock of the South

The title of Rachel Nez’s 2005 documentary, The Border Crossed Us, is the phrase used in chants and on signs at immigration rallies. Given that Native Americans were here before any other group in the U.S. or Mexico, this poignant phrase was never more true. I’ve added this clip here because the phrase […]

Chevron Demands Crude Footage

I had not considered the ways that socially committed films might put directors and other collaborators at risk but I recently read about Chevron demanding that director Joe Berlinger hand over footage of his documentary, Crude, which I wrote about back in August 2009. For more information, see the articles below.

Carroll, Rory. “Chevron […]