#NAFVF11 Opening Night

Thursday, March 31st was the opening night of the 2011 Native American Film and Video Festival at the National Museum of the American Indian in New York City. This was my third time at the Festival and while I have always enjoyed myself in the past, this year, the organizers took it up […]

2009 Native American Film + Video Festival Panel 2

At the 2009 festival, I was also able to attend the second panel called “Creating the Alternative: a Conversation with Four Directors.” I enjoyed this panel so much because the directors came through as very accessible and down-to-earth.

Moderator Jason Silverman asked the panelists why they make films and Georgina Lightning’s response pulled me […]

2009 Native American Film + Video Festival

I attended the Native Networks Symposium held on Friday, March 24 at the 2009 Native American Film + Video Festival. Since this blog was born several months later, I am only just now posting my thoughts. I’ll put this out in three installments, one for each panel I attended and one for the film […]