Native America: Tell Diabetes to go Kick Rocks!

Diabetes Is Not Our Way

A few months ago, I researched films related to Native American athletes and sports for a chapter entitled “Building a Library Collection: Fifty Years of Native American Athletes, Sports and Games on Film” which was just published in The Native American Identity in Sports: Creating and Preserving a […]

Get Smokin’ and Movin’!

Smokin’ Fish trailer

For those of you in Sitka (AK), Whitehorse (Canada), Plymouth and Palm Springs, there’s a new documentary called Smokin’ Fish coming to a theater near you. The film revolves around Cory Mann, a Tlingit man, who returns to Alaska to smoke salmon the Tlingit way and it sounds like it […]

Upcoming documentary: “Off the Rez”

Hello folks! I’ve been gone for a while but this past weekend was the Native American Film and Video Festival here in NYC so I’ll have some posts about that soon.

In the meantime, I just read about a documentary called “Off the Rez” that will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival. It  centers […]


I aw the documentary Chiefs a few days ago and enjoyed it. It deals with the Wyoming Indian High School basketball team’s efforts to win the state championship. The film follows the young men from this Wind River Indian Reservation team both at school and at home where they balance academics, sports and home […]

Weaving: “Skins” and “Edge of America”

A few weeks ago, I saw Skins again after a long time and also caught Edge of America. Both are Chris Eyre films. I like his work. His films tend to deal with poignant issues in nuanced ways, incorporating drama and humor, Western and Native culture, and sometimes, just when you think that there’s […]