American Indian Acting in Hollywood and Online

Tonto Plays Himself

In June of 2013, I spoke about the depiction of American Indians in Hollywood on a panel at the American Library Association conference and more recently, published an article about how these films are still prevalent in academic libraries (Domínguez, Daisy V. “American Indians in Feature Films: Beyond the Big […]

Smiling and Howling

Smiling Indians




I just watched a short called Smiling Indians, made by directors Sterlin Harjo (who I’ve written about before) and Ryan Red Corn, who collaborated with Harjo in Barking Water. Here’s a short interview with Red Corn describing the impetus behind this short, which is dedicated to Edward Curtis, the […]

La Taxista

Introduction to Ecuadorian soap opera La taxista.

Thanks to a recent tweet by Sacha Rosero of, I read an article about a new Ecuadorian soap opera called La taxista.1 The soap opera’s protagonist, Rosita Tituaña, is supposed to depict an Indian from Imbabura province who has migrated to the coastal city of […]

Reel Injun: New Doc on Portrayals of Indians

I just read an article — Monk, Katherine. “Doc Sees Humour in Sadness.” Leader-Post, Canwest News Service. February 17, 2010. — on Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond’s take on Avatar. That’s how I found out about his new documentary, “Reel Injun,” which focuses on the portrayal of natives on film. It looks like it’s only […]